Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 1 in Wellington!

This first week in Wellington has been absolutely crazy! There are just so many little housekeeping things to do when you are trying to adjust into a new county. I've had to get a phone to contact people locally, open a bank account in order to get the best conversion rates, sign up for classes and a million and ten other little things in order to settle in. Today was the second day of classes, my schedule is pretty manageable too, I have two classes everyday except Wednesdays which I have off! But here they do school very differently, usually the locals only spend three years in University, jealous. They also have this thing called tutorial, which is an hour of scheduled time every week with a group from your class that's mandatory to attend making my schedule seem a bit busier than just two classes a day. Getting adjusted to school is tough now that I've had the last two and a half months off, hopefully I can get into the swing of things soon, however that's going to be difficult seeing as how the weather has been so nice! Its been hanging around a perfect 70 and sunny with no humidity, very different from Fiji! This has been making beach trips very tempting since its only a 15-20 minute walk from my flat. I live with three Americans, Becca who goes to school in southern Cali, Nick who is from Michigan, and Tommy from Mass.
Wellington has been wonderful so far! Campus is literally on top of a mountain, in order to get to town we have to walk up and down this gigantic hill, its so steep walking up it has been one big struggle especially when I have my arms full of groceries! My legs are finding it to be a love/hate relationship because it burns but that also means I'm getting a sick workout just by walking home. Last week we hiked up to this wind turbine where we could look down on all of Wellington it was beautiful! On this hike we were supposed to be able to see the south island but it was too hazy out that day. We ended up going with probably three other groups which made for about 30 of us hiking up through town up to the trail #tourists.

A few people in my group are going paddle boarding today, Jackie decided to skip class to go even, but not me (ehem Mom, see I am a good student!) I'll be going tomorrow when I don't have class. :) This Friday night a bar downtown is having a Space Jam party, yes, Space Jam. Like the looney tunes/Michael Jordan movie. I wish I had brought my Jordan jersey here with me so I could wear it out this weekend! (not that I actually have one...) I'm stoked there's so much to do right in Wellington and hopefully I can start planning some bigger trips throughout New Zealand in the next few weeks, there is just so much to do and see I can't wait to get started!


  1. stoppp it. dont forget to try tim tams and flat whites. shop your essentials at "warehouse".. its a small target. <3, fav DP neighbor (hehe).

  2. tim tams! I'm on it and ummm flat whites.... AMAZING! I've had a few already! I have made my way to the warehouse for bath towels but I think I will probably need to get a few more things :) DP for life!